iKEN Scientifica

What is iKen Scientifica?

A platform focusing on creation of innovative ideas amongst children where they explore and experiment with their curiosity.

iKen scientifica brings a challenging spirit among participants, where the competition serves only as an incentive to develop holistic learning capabilities within a child.

It is a confluence of diverse ideas and talents across the globe.

Rediscover science. Redefine learning. Reward ingenious talent. The three “R”s that sum up the reason for iKen scientifica – a unique idea developed by Mexus education. iKen scientifica is a global competition for classes 4 to 9 designed to promote hands- on learning by introducing children to a wide array of concepts. iKen scientifica endeavors' to provide students a real world exposure through application of scientific concepts. It is based on the belief that every child is a genius and it is through harnessing their inquisitiveness and curiosity that the gap can be bridged between theory and practical learning. It gives children the opportunity to prove their mettle on a global platform and earn big rewards.


iKen Scientifica

2007 – 2008

Participating cities: 3 (Mumbai, Pune and Panchgani)

Participating students: 10,000 students from 300 schools

Prize money and scholarship: Rs. 6 lakhs

iKen Scientifica

2008 – 2009

Participating cities: 21

Participating students: 1,00,000 students across 1000 schools

Prize money and scholarship: Rs. 50 lakh

New rounds introduced: Techno Maze and JunKreate

Student icons of India were sent on an educational trip to Singapore

Iken Scientifica

2009 – 2010

Participating cities: 15

Participating students: 2,00,000 students across 700 schools

Partners: National Geographic Channel and Ministry of Science & Technology, Parle- G

Prize money and scholarship: Rs. 50 lakhs and a chance to meet the former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

The event was aired for the first time on National Geographic Channel.

Iken Scientifica

2010 - 2011

3 countries – India, Kuwait and UAE Participating cities: 70 from India

Participating students: 3,00,000 students across 2,500 schools from all 3 countries

Eight winners to visit NASA (USA) on all Paid Trip 50 Laptops to top 50 winners

Total prize money and scholarships worth Rs. 1 Cr.

Iken Scientifica

2011 - 2012

10 countries

Participating cities: 140+ across the globe

Participating students: 2,30,000 students from all 10 countries

Six winners to visit NASA (USA) on an all paid trip

Total prize money and scholarships worth Rs. 1 Cr.

Iken Scientifica

2012 - 2013

17+ countries

150+ cities

5,00,000 students

Total prize money and scholarships worth Rs. 1.5 Cr.

Iken Scientifica


52+ cities

3500+ schools

35,000 students

3 winners visit NASA(USA) on all paid trip

150 runners up get prizes worth 25 lakh

Iken Scientifica


42 cities

350+ schools

3 winners go to NASA

36 runners up get prizes worth 5 lacs and above