iKEN Activity lab

Iken activity lab models experiential learning for grade IV to grade IX students through 8 sets of activity kits for each grade.

Do-It-yourself kits for concept simulations.

Activity book to log the working and analysis of the day to day activities as well as it serves as a handy reference.

Easy understanding of concepts by reiteration.

Iken Activity Lab-Connecting All Students

Assimilators - Abstract thinkers and reflective observers students with extremely structured learning orientation and they relate best to sound logical theories. This group plans the activity, as the accommodators experiment with the process and parts of kits.

Convergers - Abstract thinkers and active experimenters. These students learn with practical applications of the concept. They learn the best during post-activity discussion as they fit the concepts into real-life activities.

Accommodators - Concrete thinkers and active experimenters true to the name, accommodators learn by active participation and physical involvement. Accommodators participate actively in assembling the concept application and derive learning as they experiment with the activity.

Divergers - Concrete thinkers and reflective observers diverges learn by observation and collating data. These students may not contribute actively to discussions or activities. Yet they learn through the exercise as soundly as others.

Iken activity labs are oriented to empower teachers to leverage all child's curiosity and learning styles to reinforce the concepts discussed in the class and crystallize conceptual clarity.